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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday
11:30am - 11pm

Sonntag bis Montag


Our aim is to serve Italian classics authentically and present them in an uncomplicated way. Small details such as homemade spreads in a glass or fresh rolls served in a box are important to us. Authenticity is just as important to us: we let ourselves be influenced by Pizzaiolos from Sicily and Naples for the perfect wood-burning pizza - fresh, thin and baked within a few seconds in a hot wood-burning oven. We serve various homemade pasta dishes in a pot, modelled on Italian nonnas and family tables. So everyone takes how much they like - a contribution to the culinary and social community. An uncomplicated sharing of food - be it antipasti or pasta - is part of the philosophy of Ristorante Capo, as is an uncomplicated cooperation of guest, service and cuisine.

We took inspiration for the look'n'feel of the restaurant in the 1920s. Numerous small details are reminiscent of the New York of the "Roaring Twenties" and integrate with a wink elements from film adaptations by Francis Ford Coppola and his trilogy "The Godfather".